With list monitoring, you can automatically clean the emails that you collect and manage through Shopify. 

After you've connected your Shopify account and selected a source, you will see a "Monitor" tab at the top of the overview page. 

Here you can adjust the frequency of Automatic Reverification as well as disable/enable Automatic Sync. 

Automatic Reverification 

The Automatic Reverification selection is how you chose the frequency, if any, of reverification. Leaving this setting disabled will ensure your data is only verified when you manually do so. Alternatively, you have the choice to reverify the entire list every 14, 30, 60, or 90 days. 

Automatic Sync

Enabling Import under Automatic Sync allows Blaze Verify to automatically import and verify new emails as they are collected in your Shopify account. Additionally, enabling Export allows us to automatically unsubscribe emails in Shopify that are marked undeliverable.    

The List Monitoring feature allows you to automatically maintain up-to-date, verified data, increasing your productivity and email marketing performance.

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