Connecting to Intercom

After signing in to your Blaze Verify account, click the "Get Started" button, or the "+ New List" if you have already verified a list with us. A new modal will appear requesting you select a list source. 

Click the Intercom option to sign into your Intercom account and grant permission to Blaze Verify. 

Verifying an Intercom List 

Once access has been granted, you'll be prompted on your Blaze Verify dashboard to select a source from your existing Intercom contacts. 

After importing the list, click "Begin Verification" and watch your list verify in real time. Once verification is complete, click "View Results" to view and analyze the health of your Intercom data. 

Export Data Back to Intercom

In the results page, you'll find the Export tab at the top of the dashboard. A new modal will appear showing the option of including/excluding specific verification categories and filters in your export. After making your selection, click "Send To Intercom."

You'll receive a notification that the export is being sent to Intercom, and you'll receive an email notification once the export is complete. 

Please note that unlike our other integrations, Intercom imports and exports may take longer than usual to complete due to Intercom's strict rate limits.

Automate verification with Monitor

Our Intercom integration also supports the ability to automatically reverify and sync new data as it is collected in Intercom. These features allow you to maintain up-to-date, verified data without manual import or export. Check out our Monitor for Intercom help doc for more information.

Intercom Inbox

Our Intercom Integration supports the ability to verify email addresses directly in your Intercom inbox. For more information, check out our Intercom Inbox App help doc.

If you have any questions about this process, do not hesitate to reach out to We're more than happy to help! 

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