We define “Risky” email addresses as those that have low quality or low deliverability. Although this category may include emails that are technically still deliverable, we recommend you use caution when emailing any address marked as “Risky” as it may be an Accept All, a Disposable, or a Role addresses. 

Accept All: Addresses that will initially accept mail for any address, but may not reach an actual inbox. This can also cause a bounce (a failed delivery notification, which gets returned to the sender).

Disposable: Created often by users who do not wish to give their primary address. These are defined as “Risky” because they are temporary and will only be valid for a short period of time. 

Role: These generally define a responsibility rather than a person (i.e. support@ or info@) and often are managed by several people. These emails are often associated with more bounces, more unsubscribes, and decreased engagement rates. 

Every list is different, and every company’s threshold for emailing addresses that cannot be specifically defined as “Deliverable” is different. We recommend you consider the age and source of the data to help you make a more informed decision regarding keeping or removing emails we categorize as “Risky”. 

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